When stopping power is just as important as speed, then dependable and effective braking is a must for any serious driver or modified vehicle.


Our 355mm forged brake kit is produced to outperform, providing consistent braking time after time, turn after turn. 


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KIT COST RRP: £1124.96 (£1349.96 Inc VAT)


When continuous and reliable stopping power is paramount to improved braking, its important to understand what makes a good quality caliper. 


Our FUJI brake callipers are produced to the highest standards, not only to ensure optimum performance, but to provide long term reliability and resistance to the elements. 

Our 6 piston calipers are produced from T6-6066 forged aluminium which offers far greater strength than T6-6061 cast aluminium (the choice of many brake manufacturers). In addition the components follow a strict T651 heat treatment process to provide additional hardness and protection, after which the caliper body is then hard anodised or painted in a choice of colours. The advantage of these materials and processes is to ensure the brake caliper body is hard wearing, carries better resistance to heat and is well protected for long term use. 


Much like our brake calipers, FUJI brake rotors are also produced to meet the highest standards demanded by heavy braking conditions. 

Our brake discs are produced from FC-25 "carbon steel". This special mix of materials means that our brake rotors are far more friction coefficient when compared to normal steel. To put this into perspective, brake discs produced from FC-22 steel (found in many competitions brake kits) expand as much as 1.2-1.5mm when reaching temperatures of 500°C. The equivalent Fuji rotor produced in high carbon steel will only expand by 0.42mm in comparison.


The result; a FUJI rotor is able to withstand higher levels of stress and temperature and as such is far less likley to ever distort or warp.

Couple this with our cross hatch groove design (utilised to sweep a fresh face onto the brake pad turn after turn) across the disc faces and directional curved veins running through the disc centre to aid cooling and you have an exceptional high performing brake disc.


Suitable for the following models:

• Subaru Impreza  (all models)  - 1992-Current 

• Subaru Legacy (all models)  - 1990-Current 

• Subaru Forester (all models)  - 1996-2007

Subaru Levorg


Caliper colours:

Choose from the following brake caliper colours:

• Hard Anodised - FUJI signature

• Jet Black

• Poise Red

Brake Pads:

The brake kit is supplied as standard with our road pad, suitable for every day driving and fast road use with low emission of brake dust. Excellent performance from cold and exceptionally quiet. 

• Upgrade to our Track Pad - Suitable for fast road, track days and sprints. Performs well from cold, however the pad material carries a higher operating temperature range when compared to our road pad. Increased brake noise is likely but far from excessive. 

• Upgrade to our Competition Pad - Working temperatures from 270°C to 800°C, suitable ONLY for competition and not for road use. Provides consistent bite at high operating temperatures. Please note: if this option is required it is also advisable that the brake kit is supplied without dust seals due to the high brake temperatures associated with racing. 

If you are unsure of fitment or application then please contact us prior to purchase.


• X1 LH 6 Pot Forged Brake Caliper.

• X1 RH 6 Pot Forged Brake Caliper.

• X1 LH FC25 355mm Brake Rotor.

• X1 RH FC25 355mm Brake Rotor.

• X2 Brake Rotor Mounting Bells.

• X2 Brake Rotor To Bell Mounting Kits.

• X1 Goodridge Brake Lines Kit.

• X2 Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt Kits.

• X1 Brake Pad Set.

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