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A new range of silicone hoses in bitesize kits.

Our new range of silicone hoses are set to be released at the end of March, starting with Subaru Impreza WRX and STI models from 2001-2007. Covering every hose on the vehicle we have devised bitesize, affordable kits to cover each area of the engine as follows:

  • Radiator hose Kit
  • Heater Matrix Hose Kit
  • Intercooler Hose Kit
  • Ancillary Coolant hose Kit
  • Breather Hose Kit
  • Brake Servo Hose Kit
  • PCV Solenoid Hose Kit
  • Air Box hose
  • Turbo Intake Hose

In addition we will also offer:

  • Waterpump Hose Kit
  • Oil Cooler Modine Water Feed Kit

Colours will be limited to “Wolf Grey Outer / Blood Red Inner” or for a more OEM look, “Matt Black outer” with “Blood Red inner”. Smooth bore hose clamp kits will also be available to purchase separately in kit form.

Suitable for road, track and race; FUJI Racing hoses are produced to the highest of standards ensuring perfect accuracy, durability and long term reliability. Extra attention and care has also been taken to include the correct inner linings, protecting against aggressive fluids which can quickly degrade rubber and silicone.

So how important is the construction of Silicone hoses?

OAT coolant fluid became obligatory with the introduction of EURO 6 engines back in 2004 and more and more coolants are now OAT. This particular coolant fluid has a longer life span when compared to traditional Glycol fluid and it also provides lasting high temperature corrosion protection for aluminium heat transfer.

The down side is that OAT contains ethyl-hexanoic acids which are extremely harsh on silicone hoses. If you are using silicone hoses which are not produced with the appropriate inner lining, vapours will permeate through the wall of the hose and eventually the construction will prematurely fail. FUJI Racing hoses are ALL produced with the appropriate OAT resistant lining to ensure long term reliability, avoiding the pitfalls found from other manufacturers.

In addition all breather and intake hoses are fluro lined, providing a protective barrier between the oil residue and silicone outer wall, ensuring the hoses retain their appearance and stability for years to come.

Where applicable we also use a wire helix coil between the outer and inner layers of our hoses to help prevent collapse under vacuum, (something many other hose makers refrain from). Should turbo / Induction hoses collapse under boost this will dramatically reduce the power output of the engine.

The full range, prices and detailed images will be available to view in our product pages very soon!