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Fuji Racing Stopper Head Gaskets

Fuji Racing Performance Stopper head gaskets have arrived into stock and ready for dispatch.

Unlike Standard gaskets, Fuji Racing Gaskets have the ”Folded stopper layer” which greatly reduces any chance of pressure leakage from the cylinders. Along with the stopper layer, our gaskets are also produced with a nitrile coating to help provide a more efficient sealing face against the block & cylinder heads.

Stamped from dies ( as appose to laser cut), helps reduce variations between each head gasket during the manufacturing process, providing consistency and the perfect fit time after time.

As if this wasn’t enough, each gasket is produced to ensure compatibility with both the 11mm and 14mm head studs which is now a common conversion to provide increased sealing pressure on the gaskets and prevent the cylinder heads from listing under extreme pressure.

With a £80.00 (Inc Vat) price tag, FUJI gaskets represent exceptional value for money and will provide your engine the ultimate seal for years of reliability.