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Stand alone ECU, deleting your MAF sensor?

The higher the bhp the more likely it is that you will need to run an aftermarket ECU such as Motec, Syvecs etc. With a new ECU opens a whole new world of options; antilag, launch control, command over engine parameters to name but a few. One further options is the ability to remove the mass air flow (MAF) sensor which on some models can be troublesome.

Our new MAF delete for the Subaru Impreza WRX / STI covers all models from 2001-2007 and provides the perfect solution in which to delete the redundant MAF hole located in the airbox.

The deletion plate utilises the original o-ring seal dimensions to allow easily installation, but more importantly the inner face of the plate is perfectly curved, matching the inner ID of the air intake. This ensures that there is no disruption to air flow from the air intake to the mouth of the turbo, helping to keep performance at a maximum.

Finished with a polished surface before applying a generous coating of “FUJI gold” anodise, airflow will breeze over the surface. Meanwhile the finish and appearance of the blanking plate adds a significantly, aesthetically pleasing solution when removing the MAF.

Available to pre-order now, finished product will be in stock at the beginning of March 2019.