Dixcel Japan Brake Pads

ディクセルジャパン ブレーキパッド


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Dixcel Type RA compound is the ultimate compound for weekend competition users or weekend track day enthusiasts, These offer great braking performance from the off. They work Great cold, and even better when hot. These offer a linear braking performance feel so they work just as well from 30% brake pressure up to 100% brake pressure. Ideal working temperatures are from 200c to 900c, however, under 200c they are perfectly acceptable and can be used to drive to and from the track without having to worry about keeping your brakes in the ideal temperature range.  These are a track pad so do give off a load of dust. They squeal when cold when they haven’t been through a hot heat cycle in a while, but once they have got up to temp the cold squeal disappears and then it comes back when they start to glaze over again. The pads use a Carbon Semi Metal compound with an initial friction bite rating μ:0.51 and an average friction rating μ:0.40-0.45. As these pads have a high initial bite rating these are recommended for cars without ABS if you are running 200 tread wear tyre, however, if you run a 100 tread wear like R888R or AR-1 these work perfectly with ABS-equipped cars.

Dixcel Type Z compound is the ultimate compound for B Road Blasting and occasional track days. Ideal for b road/fast road driving, Work great from cold 0c up to max temp range of 850c. Road driving will never see this kind of high temps so perfect for any power B road weekend car. A lot of brake pad manufactures say their fast road pads can be used on track too but this is rarely the case, however, these Z rated pads can actually hold up to the abuse of track driving (we have personally used these at the nurburgring and had 0 brake fade all weekend) but when on track these do reach 750c+ and tend to leave a lot of pad material on the discs which causes vibrations under hard braking once they cool back down the material comes off the discs and the vibration disappears. This doesnt happen on road driving only track. These are a soft compound pad designed to wear quicker than the discs and do create a bit of brake dust. These use a graphite metallic metal compound with a fraction rating of  Max. μ:0.67/Ave. μ:0.57/Min. μ:0.50

Bedding in procedure (recommended for track)
When using a new disc for the first time on a circuit, start with 50% braking for about 5 minutes and then go back to the pit once and take at least 5-minute intervals. Then, repeat 70~80% braking for about 10 minutes. Pit in again and take an interval of about 10 minutes. Finally, gradually increase from 80% to 100% braking, and the bedding-in of discs on a circuit is completed.

Z compound pads will suffer brake fade during the bedding in procedure but this is perfectly normal, once cooled back down they will be bedded in
RA compound pad, bedding in is only recommended on track, these will not suffer any brake fade but will smoke during the bedding in period


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

Model Application:

Suitable for the following models:

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    Subaru Front 4 Pot brembo Fitted to Impreza, legacy & Forester STi Models 2000 – 2017
    Subaru Front 6 Pot Brembo Fitted To JDM Impreza RA-R, R205, S206, S207, S208 & WRX STi 2017 – 2021
    Subaru Rear 2 Pot Brembo 00-17 Fitted to Impreza, Legacy & Forester STi Models 2000 – 2017
    Subaru Rear 2 Pot Brembo 17-21 Fitted to WRX STi Models 2017 – 2021
    Subaru Rear 4 Pot Brembo Fitted to JDM Impreza R205, S206, S207

If you are unsure of fitment or application then please contact us with your vehicles chassis number.

What's in the kit:

  • 4x Brake Pads

Z Compound – Shims YES
RA Compound – Shim NO