FSR EJ25 Hybrid Destroker Piston Set


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Industry Leaders!

JE Pistons is the industry leader in high-performance forged pistons. JE’s performance and quality is the result of decades of experience gained working with elite engine builders and racers from almost all types of motorsports competition and is proven in their victories, championships, and innovations. JE controls every step of their manufacturing process, designing, forging, and machining all their pistons 100% in-house in their USA manufacturing facility.


Additional information

Weight 2.550 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 13 cm

Technical Details!

Bore Diameters 99.5mm, 99.75mm, 100mm
Compression Height 1.209″/30.7086
Dish Volume 99.5mm -25.5cc
Dish Volume 99.75mm -26cc
Dish Volume 100mm -26.4cc
Compression Ratio with 48cc Cylinder Heads 8.5:1 with 79mm Crankshaft
Compression Ratio with 48cc Cylinder Heads 8.1:1 with 75mm Crankshaft Destroker
Wrist Pin Material 5115 Steel
Piston Material 2618
Average Weight 410g Each


Model Application:

Suitable for the following models:

  • All EJ25 Motors Using EJ20 Cylinder Heads with 79mm Crankshaft & 130.5mm Con Rods
  • All EJ25 Motors Using EJ20 Cylinder Heads With 75mm Crankshaft & 132.5mm Con Rods To Create a destroker EJ23

Cylinders will need to be Honed/machined to accept these new pistons

Destroker CC Estimated Specs
99.5mm 2330cc
99.75mm 2340cc
100mm 2350cc

If you are unsure of fitment or application then please contact us with your vehicles chassis number.

What's in the kit:

  • 4 x FSR Pistons (Please Select Size)
  • 4 x Wrist Pins
  • 1 x Proseal Piston Ring Set
  • 8 x Snap Ring Wrist Pin Clips
  • 1 x Data Sheet